21 Sep 2016


Everything you need to know about our new Head Chef, Andre Miguel…
1.. Why do you love food?

I got my passion for food from my mum. She used to be a head chef and at the age of 13years old I was her kitchen assistant. My passion is fueled by travelling and discovering new culture and food.

2. What was your first proper job in the kitchen?

A restaurant called Bertorelli – an italian fine dining restaurant in Covent garden.

3. What do you love most about being a Head Chef?

The opportunity to make people happy by serving delicious food! Also being able to train and develop others – sharing my passion with the team

4. What’s your favourite dish on The Common menu at the moment?

The Chicken and Chorizo Burger is full of flavour. I love the taste of fresh herbs combined with the Spanish chorizo. I love it!

5. What dish / food reminds you of your childhood?

Definitely chicken stew with mushrooms and double cream served with rice and cassava. My mum used to cook this every Sunday. 

6. Do you do the cooking at home?

After a busy day at the restaurant I do the shopping, come back home & cook the dinner!

7. What most excites you about The Common?

The combination of food, music, people & definitely the cool living style that people share, including all the communal areas as well as the beautiful setting. Like I say to my friends, this is East London in the West.

8. Who would win in a fight between a pineapple & a watermelon and why?

Since I was a child I have always loved watermelon. In Brazil, we have some massive watermelons – my family used to buy them every Saturday on the food market. Also, I think the watermelon defines my personality as it is sweet, colorful, soft and smooth, massive in shape but sweet inside.

9. What’s your favourite dish to cook or your signature dish?

Mushroom risotto with a mix of porcini and truffle cooked on white wine and finish with shaved parmesan.

10. What dish or type of food do you want to learn more about/ cook?

Peruvian and Mexican food. There is an incredible world to be discovered there! They have great recipes which are over 100 years old!

Check out our menu for Andre’s signature dish.
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