Our Story

We came here to create a community - connecting people and culture through great-tasting food & drink is what we are all about.

Our guests are locals, businesses & visitors from abroad, so we try to offer a balanced menu which will satisfy most cravings and also provide an environment which is relaxed & casual.

If we think the time is right and people need to get together a little more, we have been known to host an epic party or two…

Cult Kitchen Team

Leading the kitchen and menu is Ian Ballantyne, who brings a lot of love and joy into the kitchen alongside a ridiculous amount of experience. Having worked in pubs, restaurants, events & supperclubs since he was a whippersnapper he leads the Cult team charge.

Together the whole team meticulously manage all our catering requests and restaurants, to create a modern, casual dining experience that delivers a quality taste & service in jovial fashion. With close to 20 years’ experience in the industry the Cult crew bring invaluable skills and knowledge to the table…ultimately, “it’s about building a community, having a positive impact and being a part of something different through food & drink…”

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